Valentine's Day: a time to celebrate the ones we love, the people we care for, and the things we're passionate about. Here at AirSage, we're celebrating this holiday by taking a look at the thing we love most: location intelligence. Having been leaders within the location data industry for the past twenty years, we’ve learned a thing or two about the many things that make location intelligence great.

So, in honor of February 14th, here are our 14 reasons to love location intelligence.  

1.  It's Easy to Implement

While location intelligence may initially seem like a complex, daunting concept to tackle, this is actually far from the truth. While there are several myths about location intelligence one might hear, the biggest is that it’s hard to use and only for specialists. In fact, thanks to self-serving applications like AirSage Tourism, location-derived insights are more accessible than ever.

2. It’s Cost-Effective

Let’s face it, intercept surveys and other more traditional methods of market research are both time-consuming and costly. These traditional ways of collecting visitor data cost business time and money. Location intelligence platforms, like the AirSage application, save businesses both time and money by allowing users to access their data within minutes.

3. Data is Always Evolving

Just like the technology that helps to provide the packaged and analyzed location intelligence you see or receive, the data that goes into the backend methodology is always evolving and improving. As technology grows, data grows, making location data a timeless source of invaluable insights.

4. There Are Hundreds of Use Cases

From the travel and tourism industry to the commercial real estate sector, and every other industry in between, location data has a function and benefit it can provide for your company or brand. With such a wide variety of applications and an untapped number of uses cases, just about any and every industry imaginable can put location data to use one way or another.

Want to see just some real life examples of how location intelligence has helped different brands and companies? Check out our collection of past use cases and projects here.

5. It Gives You A Competitive Edge

Gaining a leg up on your competitors is something every team strives for. Business owners can accomplish this by using location intelligence to analyze the behavioral trends, visitation patterns, and customer loyalty trends of their competitors. They can also use this data-driven approach to evaluate their competitor’s market share within specific geolocations.

6. It’s Not Just For Big Brands

You don't have to be a big business with hundreds of locations to use this innovation! Anyone from small brick-and-mortar retail shops to destination marketing organizations charged with entire metropolitan statistical areas can make use of LI.

7. Takes Guessing Out of Targeting

Many marketers know that determining which areas of the world to focus their marketing efforts on can be tricky. Location intelligence takes the guessing out of this by allowing marketers the ability to see where their actual customers and desired target audiences call home.

8. Data & Maps Help You Plan For The Future

With the right location intelligence platform, users can aggregate and visualize data for better insights. For example, a retail store that is planning to expand to a new location can overlay demographics, socioeconomic data, and local crime activity to visualize opportunities and assess the potential risks based on historical patterns and analysis.

9. It Helps Up Your Marketing Game

The insights provided by location data allows marketers in every sector to gain in-depth insights regarding the behavioral trends and practices of their customer base. Understanding how potential customers behave enables marketing teams to build and validate segmentation strategies to better reach their desired audiences.

10. Location Intelligence Supercharges Your BI

With the ability to provide things like a demographic overview of visitors to a location, heat-maps of urban density, or the roadways most frequented by various target audiences, location intelligence helps take business intelligence to the next level.  

11. LI Allows You To Determine Your Busiest Hours

This one is for the retailers of the world! Understanding how visitation trends impact your store's physical location throughout the day is essential for planning things like employee schedules, general operations, and targeted advertising campaigns. Location intelligence can provide you a look at when your busiest/peak hours are based on foot traffic in your store.

12. It's Moving the Future Forward

Location intelligence and other business technologies are moving the future-forward. With each passing year, more and more businesses are turning to data to help them make important decisions and uncover new insights.

13. It Helps Old School Advertising Get More Personal

We already know that location-derived data can provide us with insights into the things that make our customers unique. But that's not the end of it. Marketers and advertisers can then turn those newly gathered insights into outcomes by creating highly personalized campaigns tailored to fit the various trends, demographics, and locations of these customers.

14. Its What We Do Best

Alright, perhaps we might be a little bias here, but can you blame us? Location intelligence has been our bread and butter here at AirSage for the past two decades. We know better than anyone in the industry the value geospatial intelligence can bring a business and the new insights it can help to uncover.