AirSage Activity Density: Manhattan, NY, Dec 1,2020 - Jan 31,2021

AirSage’s Activity Density SaaS platform helps to identify where mobile devices are located throughout the day for any “hot spot” location. It has a wide range of applications, for example,

  • The analysis of the major metropolitan areas helped NASA to improve drones pre-flight risk assessment.
  • Regional population movement patterns evaluated by Stantec played a crucial role in Winnipeg transit services improvement.
  • Analysis of travelers Origins, Demographics, and Household Income Group done by Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitors Bureau helped to increase the visitation to their region.
  • Numerous retailers choose AirSage Activity Density to find the most profitable sites for new stores.
  • The US Emergency Services use Activity Density Insights to develop disaster evacuation plan.

AirSage's highly accurate data insights allow for a better understanding of how people congregate and move throughout an area. These population densities can influence development patterns and recognize event-based migration patterns (i.e., gamedays, natural disasters, etc.) over time intervals (i.e., hourly). It can help with emergency management operations, event planning, and many other useful applications.

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