Destination markets, and the entities who represent them, face distinct challenges around accuracy and cost-efficient market research solutions. Reliance on the input of what visitors say vs what they actually do is a gamble when planning budget and marketing. These gaps make it difficult to calculate ROI for those marketing efforts.

I'd like to introduce you to AirSage Tourism & Hospitality - a new visualization platform provided to you on a subscription basis (of course, we still offer custom destination analyses too!). Define a destination market, residency buffer to filter out locals, and select your attractions (points of interest) to generate summary reports, map views, and trends / seasonality reports. AirSage Tourism & Hospitality provides reports and maps that allow you to identify targeted media opportunities in your largest feeder markets - or markets in which you want to build brand awareness. Built to complement and even surpass accuracy of intercept surveys, overlaying your existing reporting sources with big data - specifically AirSage's billions of daily data sightings, is a key differentiator in 2019.

Visitor Counts and Length of Stay In Your Market

Visitor counts and duration aggregated to the MSA (1) and tract (2) level. Base map copyright MapTiler.

AirSage uses these billions of daily GPS pings / sightings to identify visitor counts to your destination market. Used in conjunction with your intercept survey(s), you can identify market trends at the feeder market level, down to the census tract level (neighborhood grouping). AirSage Tourism & Hospitality offers data back to January 2017.

Define Markets and Set a Residency Buffer

Map shows a buffer area of 50 miles around a custom drawn shape of Atlanta

Data output is defined by your market area(s) and residency buffer - MSA, DMA, County, or custom shapes. Different packages include up to four studies (or more with an enterprise license) and can be used to run a variation of models to breakdown your large market and/or study competing markets. Setting a residency buffer filters out devices we classify as living within the market and buffer, ensuring visits are not local residents.

Top Feeder Markets

Identify your top feeder markets throughout the year. When paired with your historical data, you can visualize and filter trends easily in the platform - or download the data set to run your own analysis.

Major Attractions - Where do visitors go inside and out of your destination?

We've identified the visit to your destination, but where do the visitors go in-market? Did they travel from an airport inside your market, or another one? Are they visiting attractions outside of your area?

Base map copyright MapTiler

Using points of interest - within or outside the study area, understand visitor movement seen inside the market and also a visit to the attraction. You can also identify entry points - such as an airport, bus station, or port of entry, to understand how visitors enter / exit the surrounding landscape.

Roadmap & Future

We're proud to announce the first release of our destinations product and have many more roadmap features in development using our data - personas, target media segmentation, roadway usage, and more to help you focus marketing spend properly, gain more behavioral insights, and understand visitor movement in your destination(s). If you'd like to schedule a full demonstration of AirSage Tourism & Hospitality, please contact us using the form below or start the conversation at