AirSage, the leading location analytics company in North America, has announced the latest version of its TARGETS Location Analytics self-service platform (TLA)

06/12/2021, Atlanta, GA

For over 20 years, AirSage has been a leader in transforming wireless network signaling data into reliable location intelligence data for the retail, real estate, transportation, and travel and tourist (hospitality) industries. AirSage leverages patented technologies with years of experience in the location intelligence space to provide the most accurate and reliable human movement insights. By revolutionizing methodologies and products, AirSage keeps raising the bar in making its industry-leading data and analytics easily accessible.

The latest upgrades to the Target Location Analytics (TLA) element of the platform feature an even more intuitive interface, more insights, and more visualizations. Leveraging an easy-to-use interface, TLA allows users to create custom polygons around Points of Interest (POIs) for which they want to identify footfall traffic estimates, demographics associated with their audience, and home locations of the visitors at the POIs.

The next generation of AirSage's self-service platform is designed with an excellent usability interface and functionality. The insights are powered by millions of daily anonymous mobile device sightings, identifying business opportunities to increase visitation and sales.

“I am very eager to see our users benefit from the advancements that our team brought into our platform for TLA output. These enhancements are a result of AirSage’s ongoing dialogue with our users, and these enhancements will help them answer new questions about their study locations. Users will now be able to see cross visitation between POIs, compare results for various POIs, and even add more POIs or dates to a study after it has been processed. I look forward to the continued positive response from our dedicated users”, says Robert Kohler, CRO @AirSage.

AirSage's solution for the retail industry provides a competitive user experience and results that accelerate business understanding and growth. AirSage’s users benefit from:

  • Fully self-managed platform
  • Custom POIs
  • Quick results from studies - available in minutes, not days
  • Reliable study insights
  • Comparisons among various POIs
  • Understanding of visitor home locations, audience demographics, and POI cross visitation
  • The average length of stay of visitors
  • Data downloads of CSV files
  • Enhanced visualization of home locations at census block group level

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