In 2019, Central Pennsylvania Convention and Visitors Bureau (Visit Penn State) wanted to gain insights regarding visitation trends and the impact of events on the Centre County area. With Pennsylvania State University right in their backyard, Saturdays in the Centre County area are dominated by college football fans. The CVB was keen to gain insights into how these sporting events impact their market.

The team here at AirSage helped them to gain these insights with our Travel and Tourism web-based application and our Population Density tool -- a visualized heat-map that displays where, and how, a population moves within a given timeframe like hourly intervals.

We put our applications to the test by running an event impact study for the highly anticipated Penn State "white-out" game against Ohio State on Saturday September 28th, 2018. The market was defined, a buffer to show any visitors from outside of the county set, a button to exclude roadway traffic (passthrough visits) clicked, and a few points of interest were added to see where visitors went. The application utilized billions of anonymous mobile GPS pings to identify population movements around Beaver Stadium before, during, and after the Saturday evening game.

Designated study area (blue) with selected points-of-interest (orange). 

Here's What We Found

The Penn State vs Ohio State “whiteout” game saw record-breaking attendance at Beaver Stadium and a huge surge of visitors to the Penn State campus. Results from the study showed an influx of traffic into the Penn State University campus starting around 2PM. As expected, Beaver Stadium and several popular tailgating spots were amongst the highest visited by fans in the area.

Visitor counts by POI.

Here's What Our Client Had To Say

For all of us here at AirSage, assuring our clients are happy with their study results is one of our top priorties. Check out what Andy Rupert, the Director of Digital Strategy and Metrics over at Central PA Convention & Visitors Bureau, had to say about his experience working with us.

“Our work with AirSage has helped us better define our target markets geography as well as what attractions tend to be the biggest draws for visitors. That knowledge helps us figure out not only what markets we should be targeting, but also what they’re interested in. That kind of insight allows you to invest your marketing dollars with minimal waste." - Andy Rupert

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