Scrolling through Twitter poolside. Checking email at the beach bar. Googling the closest cafe from the top of the ski slope. In today’s interconnected, omnichannel world our devices have virtually become a part of us, always in our hands or pockets - even on vacation. With the increasing technical presence of applications in our lives, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that our devices have become an essential item we pack when headed off for travel. Thanks to the speed in which our devices can access information regarding the best restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues around town, our devices have become like tiny tour guides for us while away.

But what does this mean for destination marketing organizations, convention and visitor bureaus, and other attraction marketers? Should this newfound reliance on our devices as informational guides to vacation spots change they way DMOs target their audiences?

Here at AirSage, our answer is most certainly yes. The data insights that come from the mobile devices of vacationers is plentiful and proves to be an invaluable source of information just waiting to be tapped into. The access to information one can gain through using location intelligence, such as AirSage Travel & Tourism, means it’s time for these organizations to start leveraging this new information to drastically improve their marketing efforts.

But let’s take a step back for a second. What exactly is location intelligence?

Location intelligence, sometimes called geospatial intelligence or just simply spatial intelligence, is the process of developing thoughtful insights from the geospatial relationships members of the population share with the environment around them. In short, the term can be understood as the “mapping” of people and places within the world, as related to the businesses, attractions, and points of interest around them. But it’s more than just a map. It’s a tool to unlock never before gained insights and data regarding populations, consumer behaviors and target markets. For businesses and destination marketing organizations alike, location intelligence means transforming location data into business outcomes.

But how exactly can destination marketing organizations make use of all this location-based data?

Most notably, location intelligence insights provide organizations with the ability to assure their marketing efforts and budgets are being used effectively. The information collected through understanding geospatial relationships provide destination marketers with the chance to know exactly where their visitors are coming from and their unique demographics. These insights give destination marketers and decision-makers the opportunity to place their campaigns in the areas that perfectly target their intended audiences. Rather than playing a guessing game when deciding where to place advertisements, marketers can now assure they are placing their promotions in locations that will hit their target demographic right on the bullseye.

Study area visitor count by state. Base map copyright MapTiler. 

That’s not all though; thoughtfully placed campaigns aren’t the only thing that location intelligence can provide destination marketing organizations and attraction marketers. Location-based data software like AirSage Travel & Tourism also makes use of location intelligence to study the points of interest visitors stop by while on their vacations.

Whether it be beach side hangouts, celebrated wineries, or even remote ski lodges high in the mountains, the power of location data can help marketers understand how visitors move in their markets. The ability to tap into POI-related information further strengthens the distinctive consumer behavior trends and “personas” of vacationers, as it allows for a better understanding of where these visitors might go while back in their home markets. When marketers and decision-makers can get a better look into where visitors dine, shop, and seek entertainment while at home, they can further drill-down into visitor demographics.

Afterall, isn’t an individual’s choice in coffee chain pretty telling of their consumer persona?

Sample data based on POI Type Visits. 

The best part about this new innovation? Well, here at AirSage we think that’s a simple answer. Thanks to location intelligence and AirSage Travel & Tourism, marketers can finally say “auf wiedersehen” to wasted advertising dollars and “aloha” to perfectly placed campaigns.

Tired of seeing your campaigns positioned in all the wrong places? We are too. Contact us today to begin your AirSage Travel & Tourism trial and start turning location insights into business outcomes.