Smart Cities - just a futuristic buzzword, or a movement that will change the way we live?

As we continue to observe rapid changes to urban areas and experience growing infrastructure challenges across the nation, our metropolitan areas are needing answers, not assumptions. Growing populations, changes to demographics, environmental concerns, constraints to government projects due to COVID-19 and related events, all impact our quality of life. It is now nearly impossible to accurately address the varying needs of our cities using traditional methods and tools.

The ability of cities to make correct, insightful choices can only be achieved by using comprehensive data and related innovative technologies. Smart Cities embrace the effective integration of physical, digital, and human systems to ensure a sustainable, prosperous, and comprehensive future for their citizens.

The Smart City movement has begun

Drone aerial view of Les Vans
Photo by Nicolas Van Leekwijck

Public-private initiatives have become one of the main drivers of Smart City planning and development. City administrations, utility operators, and data companies like AirSage are working together to build broad access to digital infrastructure and to create valuable tools that lead to more opportunities for every American.

Questions such as the following are frequently asked: Where is existing infrastructure being strained? Which roads are the highest priority to be serviced? When should this maintenance be carried out in order to keep traffic disruption to a minimum? How can city planners take into account accurate historical and current-day traffic patterns to develop short and long-term studies?

Leveraging current and historical location movement data can provide answers to these questions and more, allowing us to fully understand current challenges and to build smart, flexible, and efficient cities.

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