Today, we are thrilled to announce the official release of the newest innovation from our team here at AirSage: Nationwide Trip Matrix (NWTM). Get immediate, on-demand, access to high-quality population movement insights with this new self-service, web-based application to uncover how populations are moving throughout different areas of the United States.

Each trip matrix study allows users to discover a wide array of attributes for personal-trips ranging from the origin of trip, the destination of trip, 9 different classifications for trip purpose, and home zone at the census block group level. Users can also evaluate studies by day of the week, with counts presented in person-trips, extrapolated to represent movement of the entire population.

How We Do It

By leveraging a massive amount of source data and patented algorithms to understand the movement of population and trips from origin to destination for the entire country - we know the where and when of more than a billion trips made every day in the US.

Application By Industry

Transportation Planning

Use as input for travel demand models (i.e., distributions, calibration, and validation) and other planning purposes. Track travel patterns as they change on an hourly, daily, monthly, seasonal, and/or annual basis.


Determine impacts on trips made proximate to a project, prepare detour plans more efficiently, and understand who you are designing around.

Public Works

Use for construction and maintenance purposes, determine when to schedule work and where to deploy VMS for advance notification of closures.

How It Works

Our highly-developed backend methodology makes running sample studies within our web-based application easier than ever. Create an account via our online portal, identify your study area(s) and period, and sit back while our application does the rest! Results from your study can be viewed visually within the UI’s dashboard and downloaded as a CSV in minutes.

Still have questions about how to use the self-service webapp or how it can benefit your organization? The team here at AirSage is dedicated to helping our users thrive and streamline work processes with the most accurate data available.  We have countless resources available to help answer any and every question. Check them out here.

Get Started Today

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