There is no denying that e-commerce has revolutionized the retail world and created new challenges for omnichannel merchants. Luckily, brick-and-mortar retailers need not fear—data-driven approaches and personalized shopping experience are stepping in to give retailers an edge over their online competitors.

Here are three tips to help brick-and-mortar retailers gain a competitive edge over their online competition and begin making waves amongst their target audiences.

Pamper Your Customers With Personalization

According to Fundera, 23% of customers say socializing and the “shopping experience” is the reason why they visit stores. Assure your brick-and-mortar retail location is creating unique shopping experiences by providing your customers with excellent customer service, personalized assistance, and beautiful in-store displays.

Don’t Skip Out On Social

Social media marketing is an excellent way for brick-and-mortar retailers to not only reach potential customers but to win their loyalty too. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter make it easier than ever for brands to interact with their target audiences and share relevant content. Rev up your brand's social media presence by sharing timely and relevant information, engaging content, and tailored marketing messages. And don't forget to interact with the customers you’re hoping to reach!

Use Location Data

Location intelligence is changing the game for many brick-and-mortar retailers. This form of business intelligence, which harnesses the power of location data, is providing brands with a full breadth of new information regarding their customers and their competitors. Location data can be used to examine trends and patterns in the consumer behaviors of potential consumers. When retailers have access to this type of information, they can better tailor their marketing messages to reach these target audiences.

When it comes to the competition, location data can help you to monitor competitors’ locations to get a relative sense of consumer foot traffic patterns and loyalty levels. Knowing what the competition is up to can help brick-and-mortar retailers to identify new prospective customers and even win some over from competitors.

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