This year the 100th Annual TRB Meeting was conducted as a virtual event, with extended sessions and 24/7 exhibits. This truly unique experience allowed all participants to exchange ideas, solutions, and best practices, with no health risk and no risk of missing anything important due to pandemic restrictions.

As always, the sessions, workshops, and meetings provided amazing coverage of all topics related to transportation. In particular, insights on the most trending and impactful topics kept us sticking to our screens from the beginning till the end.

Besides the educational content, one of the most entertaining elements was visiting participant booths in the virtual exhibit hall. While we all missed meeting people in person, and the virtual version did not quite provide the same level of communication and networking potential, it was a great application for the options we do have under the COVID umbrella. Furthermore, the virtual element gave vendors a chance to stand out among the crowd with the content and design.

The AirSage team that attended TRB shortlisted the 30 most inviting booths and then voted to choose the TOP 8 BOOTHS OF THE 100TH ANNUAL TRB MEETING in terms of the content and design. Here are our winners:

Deloitte Transactions & Business Analytics and Workflow Manager provided, in our opinion, provided the most insightful and relevant content, such as research papers, case studies, surveys, etc. Workflow in particular had a very innovative booth format that decidedly stood out from all the others. And no, we aren’t just saying that because we won a Yeti mug (we didn’t).

Deloitte Transactions & Business Analytics booth at the 100th Annual TRB Meeting 2021
Workflow Manager booth at the 100th Annual TRB Meeting 2021

A clean and easy-to-understand overview of the services, technologies, and solutions were provided by three vendors in particular: Kimley-Horn, WSP, and Trimble. Kimley-Horn and WSP kept things simple, easy to scan yet very informative. We also really loved Trimble’s photos of their team at the bottom of their booth. It really draws you into them (almost like you got a chance to meet them in person?) Great job!

Kimley Horn booth at the 100th Annual TRB Meeting 2021
WSP booth at the 100th Annual TRB Meeting 2021
Trimble booth at the 100th Annual TRB Meeting 2021

The most innovative design was presented by Mandli Communications. Their interactive booth captured attention with animated elements as the booth came together piece by piece, responsive technologies and relevant information.

Mandli Communications booth at the 100th Annual TRB Meeting 2021

Jacobs and HDR stood out with the most neat-looking and clean booths. Not too much text, not the same color and structure as many other booths. We really liked HDR’s “button” structure that makes it very easy to delve into various areas of interest.

Jacobs booth at the 100th Annual TRB Meeting 2021
HDR booth at the 100th Annual TRB Meeting 2021

Unfortunately, same as everything in this world, the main part of the meeting is coming to an end. In the next couple of weeks, we will publish more highlights to share our opinion and view of this unique event.

Stay tuned!